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Antiquities and items of interest
Information about the Kalgoorlie Biplane (the first aeroplane built in Western Australia); old phonograph and radio advertisements and Telegraph Poles. There is an introduction to Pastoral Stations in WA

This website contains information about the Rigby Sketchbook Series and about the books written by and/or illustrated by the Dyson family (Will Dyson, Ambrose Dyson, Edward Dyson etc).

This website includes information about certain individuals and requests for information about others. Generally, they are people who have contributed to the history of Western Australia and include:
William Baxter (Botanical collector)
William Bowden (A PMG Lineman who worked at Eucla, Lagrange (La Grange) and Mundiwindi (Mundi Windi))
Henry Braine (A legend of the grain industry in Western Australian: his other interests included His Majesty's Theatre in Perth and the British Settlers' Association); and his daughter Deirdre Braine.
Mervyn Gillman DFC (John's cousin who was killed in the UK on active service during WW2)
Walter Swyer (Travelled on the ship Quetta to Queensland, went to the Aru Islands, changed his name, became the pharmaceutical chemist in Derby W.A. before settling down as a financier in Fremantle).

Information is given or sought about the following places:
Ashleigh. (A house in the UK belonging to the Webster family)
Cobbalana River and Cobbalana Pool (part of a project to write a history of Indee Station in the Pilbara)
Credo Station - Eastern Goldfields (part of a project to write a history of Indee Station in the Pilbara)
Claremont Hill, or Kabamunup (or Karbomunup). Daisy Bates tells of this hill being haunted
Gage Roads (the origin of the name)
High Beech Church (where some of the Webster family are buried)
Israelite Bay (the origin of the name with a little bit of history)
King Rockhole in the Pilbara
Melon Hill and Flyash Hill in Swanbourne, WA.
Mundiwindi WA (a brief history).
Pimbee Pastoral Station WA.

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WARNING: This website may include some names of Indigenous Australians who may now be deceased