Dr Septimus Swyer

c1835 - 1906

Septimus Swyer born Shaftsebury, Dorset, England
He was the son of Walter Swyer and Sarah Lush Buckland
Baptized on 1 May at Holy Trinity, Shaftesbury, Dorset, England.
Resided at Church Yard, Shaftesbury, Dorset, England
Others at the same address, his parents, Walter (a brewer) and Sarah; and his siblings John, George, James and Jane. Jane Williams and Rhoda Wheeler are shown as servants.
Septimus Swyer married Agnes Christina Heckmann
She was the daughter of Johann Heinrich Heckmann (or Heickmann) and Catharina Boss. They married on 11 June at St Ann's, Whitechapel, Middlesex, England
Daughter Clara Agnes Swyer born
Daughter Alice Swyer born (registered in September quarter)
His residence and place of business Chemist's Shop, 19 Brick Lane, Mile End Old Town
Living at the same address were his wife Christina and their daughters, Clara and Alice. Also James Emmins (apprentice) and Phoebe E Lee a domestic servant.
Son Walter Edward Swyer born 2 June
The Case of the Cat in a Doctor's Shop
For details see 'LAW & POLICE, SATURDAY' in Lloyd's Illustrated Newspaper 6 October 1861, Issue 985, London, England
Admitted to the Royal College of Surgeons
2nd December, elected Fellow of the Obstetrical Society of London (later the society became Obstetrical and Gynaecological Section of the Royal Society of Medicine)
Son John Thomas Swyer born
Resided at 32 Brick Lane, Spitalfields, Middlesex, England
Son Frank Swyer born
Son John Thomas Swyer probably died; aged 2 years
Wife Agnes Christina died
She died 14 December at 32 Brick Lane, Spitalfields, Middlesex, England
Septimus Swyer married Hannah (Annie) Markin nee Aarons
She was the daughter of Perry Aarons. They married 18 August at the Register Office, Islington, Middlesex, England
Daughter Sarah Blanche born. Assumed birth year
Resided at 18 Marquis Road, Islington, Middlesex, England
Others at the same address: Annie (wife); Alice & Sarah (daughters); Walter & Frank (sons); Rachel & Annia Markin (step daughters); Sophia Zeity (neice); Susan Leftly (Nurse/Domestic Servant); Frederick Mooring (errand boy) and Trefina Raison (domestic servant)
Septimus Swyer's second wife, Hannah Markin (nee Aarons) found not guilty on a charge of felonious marriage (bigamy).
Even though she was found not gulty, the marriage to Septimus could have been a nullity.
A son, Walter Swyer emigrated from England to Australia.
He disembarked from RMS Quetta at Brisbane on 24 September
Extract from the London newspaper The Weekly Dispatch 21 March
At the Thames Court, on Thursday, John Gibbs, twenty-one, a licence holder, and Alfred Humphries, nineteen, were charged on remand with stealing a gold watch and chain from Thomas Chaffer, an insurance agent; secondly, with stealing a portion of a gold chain from Lewis Lesser, a collector for Jewish charities; and also with stealing a gold watch and chain from Dr. Septimus Swyer. The evidence of Mr Chaffer was to the effect that on Saturday evening, the 27th ult., he was walking along the Whitechapel road in the direction of Stepney Green. On getting to East Mount street he was set upon by five men, two of whom were the prisoners. Humphries put his hand under his coat and tore away his watch and chain. At the same time he received a punch in the back, and Gibbs kicked him in the stomach and threw him down. He got up and attempted to follow Humphries, but was then tripped up by Gibbs. He again got up and called out "Police!" and "Stop thief!" After that he went to the police station at Arbour square, and gave a description of the prisoners. Last Thursday he was called to the police station, and picked the prisoners out from twelve other men. Mr. Lesser was next called, and proved that on Monday, the 8th inst., he was walking along Leslie street, and when within two yards of his own dooe, three men came in front of him. One of them pulled open his coat, and Gibbs took him by the shoulders and pulled him on his back. Gibbs and another man then held him down, and rifled his pockets. He screamed for help, and received a punch in the mouth. He still cried for help, when a hand was placed over his mouth to stifle his cries. Witness held his hand over his watch, and a portion of the gold chain was wrenched off. Some persons then came up, and he was allowed ot raise himself. Two of the men at once made their escape, and he followed Gibbs for some distance, but at last he managed to get away. Dr. Swyer said shortly before ten o'clock on the night of Sunday, the 28th. ult., he was passing through Osborn street, Whitechapel in company with his boy. He was suddenly secured from behind by several persons, and his arms pinioned. He then received a crushing blow on the hat, which partially stunned him. He also received a blow on the left temple. His umbrella was taken from him. The prisoner Gibbs then came in front of him, unbuttoned his overcoat, and snatched his watch and chain. As soon as witness could release himself he went after Gibbs, but several of his companions tried to trip him up when he did so. There were as many as twenty-five or thirty persons in the gang. Mr. Abberline stated that there were other cases against the prisoners. Mr. Lushington committed the prisoners for trial.
Resided at 213 Whitechapel Road, Whitechapel, Middlesex, England
Others at the same address: Annie (Hannah, wife); and her children: Moses, Solomon, Rachael & Jacob Markin
Baltimore, Maryland, USA; Baltimore Sun August 1st Issue 66 page 8
Suits Entered
Dr. Septimus Swyer sued Samuel F. Eichelberger, in the Court of Common Pleas, by William Cotton, attorney, claiming $2000 damages. The declaration states that Dr Swyer rented from Mr. Eichelberger the dwelling 715 West Fayette street on the 12th of last May for one year, but was compelled to move in two months because of the conduct of tenants on Itaborg street which also belonged to Mr. Echelberger.
Detroit, Michigan, USA
Swyer Septimus, physician, 19 John R, h 23 Noble
From: R.L. Polk & Co's City Directory 1892-93
Comment: Another page of the directory shows Billings, Marion T; Swyer Septimus, M D, and Aarons, Joseph MD at 19 John R Street. Was Joseph Aarons related to Hannah Markin (nee Aarons)? See 1881 above.
Detroit, Michigan, USA
Swyer Septimus, physician, 119 Brewster
Found at DistantCousin.com (no longer available)
Comment: There is a Brewster Street in Detroit today split into two by a railway
No longer in Detroit, Michigan, USA
Swyer, Dr Septimus removed to New York City
From: R.L. Polk & Co's Detroit City Directory for the Year Commencing August 1st 1893
Pennsylvania USA; Registered as an allopath
Swyer, Septimus 12/31/29a (M); [5] Allopath; [8] PA, 1894; [12] Royal Coll., England, 1862.
  • 12/31/29a represents assumed date of death and is probably meaningless.
  • M indicates male
  • [5] Allopath indicates type of practice
  • [8] PA, 1894 indicates states and years of licenses
  • [12] Royal Coll., England, 1862 indicates other education
From: Hafner, A (editor) (nd) Directory of Deceased American Physicians 1804-1929 American Medical Association Vol 1 page v & Vol 2 page 1519.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Swyer Septimus, Physician 2053 E Somerset
From: Gopsill's Philadelphia City Directory, for 1895 (Published annually in March)
New York, New York, USA
Swyer, Septimus, 234 E 87th. Edinburgh, 1863
From: Medical Society of the County of New York (1895) The Medical Directory of the City of New York New York Stettiner, Lambert & Co
Comment: Edinburgh, 1863 refers to Septimus Swyer's qualification as an obstetrician.

Swyer, Septimus, physician, 234E 87th
From: City Directory of New York 1895-1896; New York Public Library microfilm 030014
No entry found in the 1894-1895 or the 1896-1897 directories.
Comment: The current apartment building at 234 E 87th was probably built in the mid 20th century but this has not been confirmed.
?1899/?1901:Newark, New Jersey, USA
Swyer Septimus, physician, h 40 13th av
Found in: United States City Directories Newark N.J. Reel 16 [microfilm] 1899-1900 thru 1900-1901
Comment: It is not known if this entry is in the 1899-1900 or the 1900-1901 directory or both. What does the "h" indicate?

June 30. Living with his wife Annie Swyer at 300 West 117 Street, Manhatten, New York, New York. They are shown as born in England and as aliens
Found in the New York State Census, 1905 at FamilySearch

10 December 1906, Death, Manhatten, New York, New York
From: Italian Genealogical Group New York City Death Records Search 1891-1948

12 December 1906, Interred in Linden Hill United Methodist Cemetery Ridgewood, New York