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One line of John's ancestors, had the surname Swyer. The surname Swyer is not common but it seems is was more common in Dorset than anywhere else. The surname may be derived from the small village of Swyre or perhaps the village was named after a Swyer family that lived there. The surname Swyer is sometimes said to have the same derivation as 'squire'. The village name is pronounced 'swire' as in fencing wire.

Old postcard made up of six images of Swyre
Souvenir of Swyre    Hider, 241

An unposted postcard made from six images. Each image is expanded below.

The first of the six images
Swyre    H&L, 2A

Second of the six images
Swyre    H&L, 210

Third of the six images
Swyre    H&L, 1A

Fourth of the six images
Swyre    H&L, 23

Fifth of the six images
Swyre    H&L, 211

The last of the six images
Swyre    H&L 22

old postcard
Copyright B.O.S.6.    Swyre Church and Bull Hotel. Bexington On Sea.   R.T. &S, Ltd.
From TuckDB Postcards

The Church of the Holy Trinity, the parish church of Swyre is tucked away in the left of the photograph and the Bull Hotel takes up the rest. Today the hotel is referred to as the Bull Inn.

image of map
Part of an old map of Dorset showing the village of Swyre.

Note: There is a Swrye Head which is the highest point in the Purbeck Hills. This is 41 kilometres (26 miles) east of the village of Swyre. There is another Swrye Head which is also to the east of the village near Durdle Door on the coast about 29km (18 miles) away. The two Swyre Heads are about 13km (8 miles) apart.